Blood Cancer Discovery

Blood Cancer Discovery

Editors-in-Chief: Riccardo Dalla-Favera, MD and Kenneth C. Anderson, MD

Frequency: Bimonthly
ISSN: 2643-3230
e-ISSN: 2643-3249

Blood Cancer Discovery publishes high-quality Research Articles and Briefs representing major advances in basic, translational, and clinical research of leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and associated diseases. The topics appropriate for coverage include but are not limited to the following: molecular and cellular features of pathogenesis, therapy response and relapse, transcriptional circuits, stem cells, differentiation, microenvironment, metabolism, immunity, mutagenesis, and clonal evolution. These subjects are characterized in animal disease models as well as in high-dimensional clinical data landscapes. The journal welcomes submissions on new pharmacological, biological, and living cell therapies; new diagnostic tools; prognostic, diagnostic, and pharmacodynamic biomarkers; and computational and machine learning approaches to personalized medicine, from preclinical proof of concept to clinical trials and real-world evidence. As a forum for diverse ideas shaping future research directions, the journal publishes Reviews, Perspectives, and Commentaries on topics of broad interest in hematooncology.

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Blood Cancer Discovery welcomes submissions of primary research, review and commentary article types as well as letters to the editor. For descriptions and length requirements of the article types available to submitting authors, see the journal’s Categories of Articles.

The AACR Journals all use a similar Editorial Process and adhere to the same overarching Editorial Policies, both of which are detailed in the Information for Authors. These instructions contain important guidelines on authorship, publishing ethics, availability of materials and data, and data analysis and reporting. Authors should be familiar with these instructions prior to submitting their work to the journal. Manuscripts are stringently reviewed for high standards of scientific merit, and only those that report results of novel, timely, and broadly significant research are accepted for publication.

Editorial oversight of Blood Cancer Discovery and decisions on manuscripts submitted to the journal are the responsibility of the Editorial Board with support from journal staff. See Editorial Board for more information.

For detailed metrics about Blood Cancer Discovery and the other AACR journals, see AACR Journals Metrics.

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Publisher: American Association for Cancer Research
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Riccardo Dalla-Favera, MD and Kenneth C. Anderson, MD